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  • Vu+ Solo


    Unfailing H/W and S/W

    Reliable HD Zapper based on the Linux TV APls

    Multimedia plug-in suppor

    Comprehensive H/W and S/W features at an affordable price 

    High picture/sound quality

  • VU+ ZERO


    ·         HbbTV

    ·         HDMI Connection 1.4

    ·         DVB-S2 Tuner

    ·         12 V External Power Supply

    ·         External IR Sensor (Remote Control Remote)

    ·         2K DMIPS Processor

    ·         1 x Card Reader (Xcrypt)

    ·         2 x USB

  • VU+ SOLO 2


    ·         1300 MHz MIPS processor

    ·         Internal memory 256 MB Flash

    ·         Memory RAM 1 GB of DDR3 DRAM

    ·         Connectivity HDMI 1.4

    ·         3 USB 2.0 port

  • VU+ SOLO 4K


    Finally VU + launched his last Little Son. A Receiver that can be described without requirement the Pharaoh of the Digital Receivers: it is the VU + Solo 4k.

    The  Solo VU + Solo 4  can categorize More than an innovation; it brings together a set of features Hardware, Software and Performance