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Article 1- Preamble

1.1 Scope of Terms and Conditions of Sale

Article 2- Our offer

2.1 Availability of products

2.2 Identification of products

Article 3- The processing of the order

3.1 Passage of the order: information to be provided

3.2 Validation of the order: the electronic signature

3.3 Tracking your order

Article 4- Payment of your order

4.1 Methods of payment

4.2 On-line payment by credit card

4.3 Payment by wire transfer: what is the advantage?

4.4 Purchase Order and Payment at Delivery

4.5 Retention of title

4.6 Failure to Pay

Article 5- Processing of delivery

5.1 Methods of delivery

5.2 Delivery times

5.3 Delivery charges

5.4 Delivery Delays

Article 7- Receipt of your order and Returns

7.1 Checking your package

7.2 General Terms and Conditions of Return

Article 8 - Product warranties

Article 9: Legal notices and Responsibilities

9.1 Exemption from liability: cases of force majeure

Article 10: Law Applicable to Disputes

Article 1: Preamble

1.1 Scope of Terms and Conditions of Sale

These general terms and conditions apply to the site

The registered office is a registered trademark of the Company and is incorporated by reference herein in its entirety and in its entirety by its respective owners. Located at: 80 BD MOULAY SLIMANE Casablanca, with a capital of 100,000 dirhams registered with the Registry of Commerce of Casablanca under the number 295675, hereinafter referred to as the seller.

The applicable GTCs are those in force on the day of the validation of the order. The customer declares to have taken note of the General conditions of sale and to have accepted them by checking the box "I have read the general conditions of sale and I adhere to it without reserve" before the implementation of the procedure of ordering online.

By your order, you acknowledge that you have the full legal capacity to commit yourself under these terms and conditions of sale. reserves the right to modify, according to the law in force, the present general conditions of sale.

Article 2: Our Offer

2.1 Availability of products

Our products and delivery modalities, at the prices quoted in Dirham, are valid in Morocco and internationally, within the limits of available stocks. For products not supplied, our offers are subject to availability and are subject to change without notice. This information, which comes directly from our suppliers, may exceptionally occur.

For products not stocked, after placing your order, we will inform you by email of the information transmitted by the suppliers.

Your unavailable order will be automatically canceled and you will be refunded if your bank account has been debited.

2.2 Identification of products

Most of the photographs, texts, graphics and technical data are taken from the documentation produced by manufacturers or manufacturers.

If you have any questions about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If, despite all our precautions, errors could have happened, we could in no case be engaged on this fact.Article 3: The processing of the order

3.1 Passage of the order and information to be provided

7 days a week, 24 hours a day, or by telephone with the customer service department, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm at: 0522 35 99 80

To make your purchase by internet:

- Choose your item as well as its color and features.

- Add to cart, click on order, validate or modify the summary of your order.

- Choose your address and method of delivery.

Be careful to spell the information you provided to us: your e-mail address for a good reception of our information and your delivery address.

You must verify the compliance of the information you provide to us at the time of the order, in particular as regards the delivery address.

We could not be held in the resulting consequences (eg delays or errors in deliveries). In this context, the expenses incurred for the redirection of the order would be at your charge.

3.2 Validation of the order and the electronic signature - Check the box "I have read the general conditions of sale and I adhere unreservedly" Choose your method of payment - Check the detailed summary before final confirmation of your orderOnce validation is completed, your order is validated and an order number is assigned to it.

3.3 Tracking your orderAfter validation and payment of your order an order number Is allocated to it. An e-mail confirmation of your order will be sent to the address indicated by you. You can check the status of your order by logging into your account at

Article 4: Payment of your order

4.1 Methods of paymentThe consumer expressly declares to have all the necessary authorizations for the use of the method of payment that he has chosen when validating his order. He also undertakes to ensure his solvency before any order, fault for the company PRESTIGIA CENTR SARL to be able to proceed with the delivery of the products ordered. To pay your order, you have all the payment methods offered During the final validation of the order: credit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery or mandate by western union. An order paid by check or transfer will be processed upon receipt of payment. An order paid by credit card will be debited immediately.

4.2 On-line payment by credit cardYou still do not dare to leave your BC number on the Internet, but this method of payment is now the safest, easiest and fastest. On our site, there is no risk: our site does not keep any bank card number. The payments made to the banking servers are encrypted and 100% secured "Maroc teleommerce". In addition, we ask you to indicate the last three digits located on the back of your credit card. This control allows us to ensure that it is the cardholder who places the order. These numbers do not appear on your bank statement or on invoices issued by a merchant.

4.3 Payment by wire transfer: what is the advantage? This method of payment is very convenient and does not present any risk because it is you who make the direct transfer to our account. You do not transmit any bank details on our site. To use it, select this method of payment when validating your order.

4.4 Purchase Order and Payment at Delivery Mode reserved for Enterprises and Clients in Account (On File Acceptance) This mode is generally reserved for Enterprises and Professionals (Doctors, Architects, Cabinets, etc.). To be able to benefit from this method of payment, a request for opening a customer account must be addressed to our Financial department on

4.5 Retention of propertyThe products remain the Property of the company PRESTIGIA CENTR until complete receipt of the order by the company. However, from the moment of delivery, the risks of the goods delivered are transferred to the customer.

4.6 Default of paymentPRESTIGIA CENTR reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or to honor an order from a consumer who has not totally or partially settled a previous order or with which a payment dispute is pending 'administration.

Article 5: Delivery of your order

5.1 Different modes of deliveryThe products will be delivered to the address you will have indicated on the order form. We propose 2 delivery modes: - AMANA followed with La Poste: routing under 48h working after your order is prepared. - Courier on Casablanca: delivery within 1 to 2 working days once your order is prepared.

5.2 Shipping costsPrices of products are displayed in Dirham, excluding postage charges except for special offers. Shipping costs will be indicated when choosing the mode of delivery. PRESTIGIA CENTR reserves the right to invoice a shipping charge for certain special products (eg very high weight).

5.3 Delivery timesThe delivery periods applicable are those indicated when validating your order.Note however that any order paid by check will be processed only upon receipt of the means of payment. The availability and dispatch deadlines must be recalculated as of the date of registration of this mode of payment. The company PRESTIGIA CENTR undertakes to respect as much as possible the delivery time which is given to you Click here to see the product description. Please allow between 2 and 8 working days for the transport of your parcel by the postal services. The delivery times that we always strive to respect are only given as an indication.If an agreed delivery period is agreed, the Seller will notify the customer as soon as it is impossible to do so by agreeing to a new date without compensation for any cause whatsoever. Similarly, no indemnity may be claimed if an article can not be Be delivered either as a result of an unexpected stoppage in manufacture or as a result of strikes, accidents, natural disasters, inability to obtain supplies or any other causes beyond our control.

5.4 Delays Delivery Each carrier undertakes on delivery deadlines and is therefore solely responsible for their observation. In case of non-respect of these deadlines, we suggest you to check with your burea (If delivered by La Poste) or to the carrier concerned if the parcel is not pending, then, if necessary, we invite you to report this delay by contacting our Customer Service by e-mail (service.client @ The customer will have to provide our Customer Service with all the useful information that will allow him to try to locate the products ordered via the carrier and in particular the order form. We will then contact the carrier concerned in order to An inquiry is opened. If the merchandise is found, it will be redirected as soon as possible to your home. In the contrary case and after obtaining the loss report declared by the carrier (we are dependent on the deadlines imposed by the carriers and will not be able to make any refunds before the carrier has declared astray, at the end of his investigation, The products ordered), we will send you a replacement product (return at our expense). If the products ordered were no longer available, we will refund the amounts collected according to the terms of these general conditions of sale. The refunds are carried out in the same way as your method of payment for the order. Of an order made with a discount voucher, the refund amount will be deducted from a percentage value of the discount coupon calculated according to the refund amount in relation to the total amount of the order.

Article 7: Receipt of your order and Returns

7.1 Verification of your packageWe invite you to check the apparent condition of the products on delivery. Be careful, if you entrust the receipt of your parcel to a third party (janitor, hostess ...), it receives the parcel in your name and on your behalf, and must therefore also be particularly attentive to the condition of the In case of an apparent anomaly (damage, missing product in relation to the delivery note, damaged parcel, broken products ...), we invite you to inform us within 3 clear days to our Customer Service by E-mail, explaining the reason for your return (

7.2 The general terms and conditions of ReturnTout Return can only be made after obtaining a return number. This is obtained from our customer service ( after explaining the reasons for the return. The return number thus obtained is only valid for 7 days free. Only returns of products whose original packaging has not been opened and is perfectly intact are accepted, except returns of defective products If you do not respect this return procedure and make a return in poor condition, we will be entitled to charge you a processing fee. We inform you that certain documents related to the package (s) may be claimed. You will have to retain all the elements received (packing included) until complete resolution of your complaints.

Article 8: Guarantees of the productsThe products bought on our site benefit from the warranty of the manufacturer indicated on the material master. In order to benefit from the product warranty, you are required to keep the purchase invoice. In case of defective product you will have to return it according to the conditions described in article 7 of the present general conditions. No return will be possible beyond the warranty period proposed by the manufacturer on the products concerned. The costs and risks related to the return of the defective product are at your expense. PRESTIGIA CENTR can not commit itself to any delay in processing the return of defective products insofar as the after-sales service operations are carried out by the manufacturer of the products concerned. The guarantee of defective products is subject to the full payment of their price. Operation caused by improper use of the product or by an external cause can not give rise to a guarantee. The provisions of this article shall not deprive the consumer of the legal guarantee described in the article of the Consumer Code.

Article 9: Legal notices and responsibilities9.1 Exemption from liability: cases of force majeureThe reciprocal obligations resulting from the present general conditions Are liable to be suspended in the event of a fortuitous event or force majeure. These general conditions are subject to French law as regards the substantive rules as well as the rules of form. Any dispute shall be the subject of an attempt to reach a friendly settlement.

Article 10: Applicable LawThe present Conditions of Use are subject to the Moroccan law. In case of dispute concerning the interpretation, Failure to comply with these Terms of Use, the Moroccan courts will have sole jurisdiction.

For any information or question, the Customer Service of can be contacted: - By phone from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm at 00212522 35 99 80 (Provide your order number in advance to facilitate the process) .

- By e-mail at the following address: (with your order number) - By post at: PRESTIGIA CENTR Customer Service 80, BD MOULAY SLIMANE 20250 Ain Sebaâ Casablanca MAROC